Neighbouring Vielha, Gausac has evolved into a quiet residential area with spectacular views over el Montcorbison and Vielha pass. A striking feature of its old town is the steep criss-crossing streets, with pretty stone-built houses and fields to the sides.
Its parish church, standing beside the road, is dedicated to the patron saint of the town, Saint Martin of Tours, and although it has Romanesque features that date back to the 13th century, it is one of the best examples of Aranese Gothic architecture.
It is notable for its fortified Gothic tower (15th – 16th century) with a large portal of pointed arches that opens onto the interior, which houses some interesting Romanesque artworks. As a point of archaeological interest, a Roman funerary stele is embedded in the wall of the rectory.

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The church of St. Martin of Gausac is one of the best examples of Aranese Gothic architecture, ...

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