Food stores

If you want to take home a gastronomic souvenir of your stay, in Vielha you’ll find stores specialising in traditional products of the highest quality, as well as small shops where locals do their daily shopping, where the majority of the products on sale is made according to traditional recipes. If you want to surprise your friends and family, or simply take home a small reminder of mouth-watering Aranese cuisine, just head for one of these establishments and ask for advice.

Fans of sausages and cured meats will find a stunning range of delicious products, in particular the “bolh negre” (black sausage) “langoisa” and “choriço” (cured sausages). Another product of outstanding quality is the paté aranés, hand-made according to traditions handed down over the generations, and always using the top quality ingredients. Although the original recipe uses with pork livers, there are other varieties that are based on wild boar or venison, or even use other ingredients such as wild mushrooms, dried apricots or plums.

You will also find select cheeses and yoghurts, hand-made from raw cow’s milk.

To complete a proper tasting session, what could be better than traditional sweet treats such as jam made from locally sourced fruit, local honey, “coquilhons”, sugary deep-fried pastries or “tronquets”, aniseed-flavoured fried biscuits, all accompanied by a delicious “licor de cassis” (blackcurrant liqueur) or “Aigua de Nòdes”, a sweet ratafía-style liqueur with herbs.

And any time of day is the perfect time for an Aranese craft beer. “Immortèla” is made with water from the Val d’Aran in the tiny village of Casarilh, at an altitude of 1,050 metres.

At specialist outlets, those with gourmet tastes will also find the highly rated “Caviar Nacarii”, fresh caviar produced only a few kilometres from Vielha at the Caviar Nacarii sturgeon farm in Les. The caviar is available is available in a range of different formats, and the Caviar Nacarii store in Vielha offers caviar tastings and food-pairing workshops with a variety of products.

Here are some of the stores where you can source these and other products:


(Specialists in all kinds of cured meats, pâtés and cheeses)

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Specialist shops offering all kinds of traditional hand-made products, from cured meats to liqueurs, cakes and more.

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Cake Shops and Bakeries

(Shops specialising in pastries and sweets)

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